Cedar City Stage Race Right Hand Canyon Hill Climb
April 22, 2016

Packet Pickup: Friday, April 22 from 9:00-1:30 pm at the Main Street Park or at the site from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Start Location: Right Hand Canyon Rd (On the left side of the road)

Finish: 7.5 miles up Right Hand Canyon Rd (Ride to the bottom or wait for shuttle)

Parking: There will be parking available at the Start/Finish area. Riders are going to have to ride back to the start area or have a car pick them up. Shuttles can be provided upon request.

Course: 3.8 mile one way. The finish line will be at the 3.8 mile mark. Course Climbs 1600 feet in elevation. Right Hand Canyon Road that turns into Kolob Road. 

Strava Course

Hill Climb Start Times: Men’s Pro Cat 1/2/3 will start the time trial race at 4:00 pm with riders starting every 30 seconds and continuing with the next category as stated below.

Category Hill Climb Start: 

Men's Pro/1/2/3 & Collegiate A - 4:00pm
Women's Pro/1/2/3 & Collegiate A - Following
Masters 35+ 1/2/3/4 - Following
Masters 45+ 1/2/3/4 - Following
Men's Cat 3/4 & Collegiate B - Following
Masters 55+ open - Following
Men's Cat 4/5 & Collegiate C - Following
Masters 35+ ⅘ - Following
Women 3/4 & Masters Women 35+ & Collegiate B Following
Junior 9-14 - Following

Results: Hill Climb results will be posted online and at the Road Race the next morning.

Bib: Only one bib must be clearly displayed on the rider’s right side along the side seam.

Information is subject to change.

USAC Permit # 2016 - 906