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Desert City Crit Series Race 4 // Ivins

The third Desert City Crit Series is coming back for the 2017! As a series of USA Cycling, this is a great opportunity to earn points and advance your ranking.

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Welcome back to Ivins!

Crit Start Times:

Junior 12-16 Cat 5: 20 min - 11:00 am
Men’s Cat 5: 35 min - 12:00 pm
Men's Cat 4: 35 min - 12:45 pm
Women’s Cat 3/4: 30 min - 1:30 pm
Men's Cat 3/4: 45 min - 2:10 pm
Women's Cat Pro 1/2/3: 45 min - 3:15 pm
Men's Cat Pro 1/2/3: 60 min - 4:10 pm

Prices:  $35.00 Per race online until the day of the race. Day of registration and Late Registration is $40.  


The Ivins Main Street Park is located off Snow Canyon Parkway, right before the last roundabout traveling westbound to Kayenta. The .7 mile course goes clockwise around the park. There is parking available in the parking lot near the park or alongside the surrounding outside roads.


There is a large parking lot at the Ivins Main Street park and you are welcome to park there. Just remember, you will be blocked in by the race and cars will only be able to pass between events. You can park on Center Street, just be mindful of traffic.

Results: Criterium results will be posted as soon as they are available. Podiums will be done 10 min after the race. Results and rankings will be posted online after conclusion of the race.