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Brian Head Enduro


Race Bible

Welcome to the Brian Head Enduro! The object of the race is to score the fastest downhill time for each stage of the race. We'll put you at the top of the mountain to start the race, and then you make your way down Brian Head as fast as you can. At the end of the first downhill, you will get yourself back to the top for the next stage before the cut-off time. Then you will race downhill again. 

Repeat for a total of four amazing runs down Brian Head!

Brian Head is one of the first ski resorts to adapt biking into their mountain runs. And we are happy to team with them for this new race! Dark Hollow, Bunker Creek, Navajo Run and Giant Steps are the trails we'll race for the Brian Head Enduro. You get to experience back country as well as Brian Head's amazing mountain bike park.

The course for the Brian Head Enduro is located on the Dixie National Forest. The Dixie National Forest requires everyone follow the Leave No Trace principles. Please be aware and do your part to take care of this beautiful area.


If you are interested in camping, reservations can be made at Reserve America or at the campground on a first come, first served basis. Please note, Five Mile Picnic area is a day use area only. 


Start and finish will be at Brian Head Resort at the Giant Steps Lodge. The course gives you a taste of back country and Brain Head’s MTB Park.

1st Transition Stage - Will be riding the Giant Steps lift to the top of Giant Steps and riding the Marathon Trail to the Sidney Peak Trail intersection then on to Bunker Creek TH. The Transition will be 5.5 miles with a 612 feet elevation gain.

1st Stage - Top of Bunker Creek left Fork to the bottom of Bunker Creek Intersection; a 2.1 mile course with a 17 feet elevation gain. Fast and Technical.

2nd Transition Stage - Bottom of Bunker Creek to the shuttle point provided by George’s Bike Shop in Brian Head. Transition will be 5.4 miles and 212 feet of climbing. This transition will bring you back up to the top of Brian Head Peak. Then you will transition from there to Signal Peak for the next stage.

2nd Stage - Top of Dark Hollow (Signal Peak) to the intersection of Lowder Pounds. This Stage is 3 miles and 77 feet gained.

3rd Transition Stage - Lowder Pounds Trail intersection back to Brian Head Resort. This transition is 7.8 miles and 1461 feet of elevation gain. This is the longest Transition and the most technical. The transition will take you on back roads and fire roads that are not trimmed or maintained.

3rd Stage - Navajo Flow Run

4th Transition Stage - Bottom of Navajo to Giant Steps and up the lift to the last transition.

4th Stage - Giant Steps Timberline Run


Start Times

Please note, all racers start at 9:00 am

Pro/Open Men 19+ // 9:00 am
Pro/Open Women 19+ // 9:00 am
Pro/Open 30+ // 9:00 am
Pro/Open 45+ Masters // 9:00 am
Men Expert 20 (ages 20-29) // 9:00 am
Men Expert 30 (ages 30-49) // 9:00 am
Men Expert Masters (50+) // 9:00 am
Women Expert 20 (ages 20-29) // 9:00 am
Women Expert 30 (ages 30-39) // 9:00 am
Women Expert 40 (ages 40-49) // 9:00 am
Men Amateur 19-29 // 9:00 am
Men Amateur 30-49 // 9:00 am
Men Amateur Master 50+ // 9:00 am
Women Amateur 19-29 // 9:00 am
Women Amateur 30+ // 9:00 am
Juniors Men 13-18 // 9:00 am
Juniors Women 13-18 // 9:00 am

Registration is available on Friday, August 21 and early on Saturday, August 22. Because cell coverage is spotty up there, we will only accept cash. Thank you for your understanding!

Later Event: September 26
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