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Desert City Crit Series Road Race // Sand Hollow


Start Times

Men's Cat Pro 1/2/3: 2.5 laps // 80 mile - 9:00 am
Collegiate Mens Cat A: 2.5 laps // 80 mile - 9:00 am
Women's Cat Pro 1/2/3: 2 laps //  60 mile - 9:10 am
Collegiate Women’s Cat A/B: 2 laps //  60 mile - 9:10 am
Men's Cat 3/4: 2 laps //  60 mile - 9:20 am
Collegiate Men’s Cat B/C: 2 laps // 60 mile - 9:20 am
Men's Cat 5: 2 laps // 60 mile - 9:30 am
Collegiate Men’s Cat D: 2 laps // 60 mile - 9:30 am
Women's Cat 4: 2 lap mini course //  39 mile - 9:40 am
Collegiate Women’s Cat C: 2 lap mini course // 39 mile - 9:40 am
Junior 12-16 Cat 5: 2 lap mini course // 39 mile  - 9:40 am


Mini Course Map

Start Location
Hurricane Intermediate School
1325 South 700 West
Hurricane, UT 84737


$35 per race. Day of registration available for $40 on Friday and on Saturday at the event at 7:00 am.

Parking: Hurricane Intermediate School off of 700 W (airport rd). It is the only intermediate school on the left hand side of the street coming from Hurricane.


Please note: This is NOT a closed course and ALL traffic laws will be enforced.

Staging will take place at the Hurricane Intermediate School off of 700 W (Airport Road). You will turn right on 2060 S. Travel towards Sand Hollow Reservoir and turn right at the stop sign onto 3000 S. Travel west to the Y at Southern Parkway. Stay right on Southern Parkway for Cat Pro 1/2/3 and continue to do a micro loop around the reservoir (after that 2 laps of the larger loop). Stay left for Mens Cat 5, 3/4, Women's Cat 1/2/3 to continue on the larger loop. Merge right on Washington Dam Exit onto Washington Dam Rd 2000. At the intersection of Washington Fields Road and Washington Dam Road take a right at the light. Continue until you pass the through the intersection of Washington Fields Road and turn right onto Telegraph Drive. Travel to the intersection with State Route 9. At the State Route 9 intersection turn right towards Hurricane. Go to 700 W in Hurricane, Utah. Use caution, State Route 9 will have caution signs but will not have traffic stopped so use caution at intersections. After turning on to 700 W you travel approximately 5 miles and the finish sprint will be at the start line on 700 W where the Chapel is located.
*Course marshals at key areas and city police at critical intersections in town.


A neutral feed zone will be at the start/finish line for all groups. Wheel support will also be available for all categories.


Road Race results will be posted 10 minutes after each finish. Results will be conducted after the 15th person goes through. After 10 minutes, we will do podium for each category.